Wednesday, 29 January 2014


This week is all about administration (just finished 2012, now for 2013, ugh...). So sadly enough (almost) no drawing for me. Also blogging is not very high on my 'to do-' list, I can't possibly interest you in my admin adventures.

Yesterday evening, after lots of work, I was relaxing for a bit and came across this amazing webpage. It's by a blog I follow: Book By Its Cover. They publish about beautifully designed books. Book-lovers out there go check them out!

Yesterday I found out about the category Sketchbooks. To me there is nothing more interesting and inspiring to 'spy' on my fellow artists and have a look in their sketchbooks. It's also a great push to start filling those sketchbooks myself.
Can't wait for this week to be over and start experimenting!

This is a sketchbook-page from a few years ago. I was drawing on my balcony when I little bee sat down for a rest right on my leg :)